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What is Automated Trading Software or mechanical trading systems?

It’s human nature that they always want an easy step to reach the top of something. As a result, scientists discover the robots via the concepts of artificial intelligence to make the work easier and simple. Don’t you want something same for stock trading as the value and prices flow with hands of clocks? People want a perfect auto buy sell signal software or nest auto trader for automated trading with guaranteed profit. And, see demands turns into reality and number of automated trading system are designed.

Auto Trading Software is a new name in the trading market but proves like shooting fish in a barrel for traders. The Sub-brokers and retails traders can automate their trading related-tasks and shares lists via this software. Thus, it is also known as mechanical trading systems. It is believed that 75 percent of stock exchange originated automatically through algo trading software. All these systems allow day-traders to define specific rules for trade entries and exits. It’s is so simple you just have to programmed it and it will executes the trades automatically by retrieving live market value and data. Sounds Good! Just lay your back and wait for money to roll-in. Nest Auto Trader which is also known as next generation electronic securities Trading Platform is designed by Omneysys technologies. It is well-secure application which is generally used by stockbrokers for NSE. There is no need to develop in-house app, just take the premium account and start taking the benefits on behalf of clients. Overall, it has good performance and has comprehensive features. But, it fails to give good numbers of updates. The user can keep track on different metrics, overall performance of stock market and data points at the same time. In a nutshell, system needs exact data and information to retrieve the positive output. These application works together to give profitable results.

How these Algo trading Software work?

People are well-aware from the term "software", it means installation and execution. In spite of this there are many questions strikes in a mind. Is it safe? Will it be able to give profitable results or not?

The trade entries and exits are automatically controlled by the computer on the basis of moving average crossover or at sophisticated analysis. Unfortunately, people don’t have complete knowledge about the stock market and trading process. The user just needs a computer or a laptop with internet connection to start the trading. In fact, software has functionality for new comers to set their trading limit in advance to keep themselves on a track. On the other hand, manual trading has high risk factor as human brain is still lacking in calculation as compare to machine.
These are the main features that compel users to use auto buy sell signal software:
  • There is no need to pay extra to a consultant or brokers
  • Basically, it is designed for portfolio managers, sub-brokers and retail traders
  • It has simple user-interface so that user can connect it with other analysis software such as AmiBroker, Excel, MetaTrader and Ninja Trader
  • The multiple trading platforms allow users to switch from one broker to another
  • It provides real-time data and bulk orders
  • Supports all segments such as cash, stocks and currencies
  • There is no need to purchase APIs from consultants

There are three big reasons to choose Auto Trading Software or Nest auto trader

  • Transparency – the users can easily keep a track over the historical and live performance with a benefit to start or pause the trading at any time
  • Hands-free- there is no need to hire a consultant or to analyze the previous records of markets
  • Stress-free- the fear of loss is the main factor to stimulate the stress but systematic approach doesn’t require any real-time decision making. No more phobia of loosing


NEST Auto Trading Software Features

AmiBroker/Microsoft Excel/MetaTrader/NinjaTrader SupportY
Set Stoploss and Target in Full Auto ModeY
NSE Equity Segment - Market (MIS) OrderY
BSE Equity Segment - Market (MIS) OrderY
NIFTY, BANKNIFTY, NIFTYIT and Stock Futures - Market OrderY
MCX Comoodity Futures - Market (MIS) OrderY
Semi Automated Trading with Buy, Sell and Exit Buttons on ChartY
Fully automated Trading via amibroker scan modeY
Auto Square for NSE, BSE, Futures and MCX except options tradingY
Email Alert for All TradesY
Auto Position management based on trade value, fixed quanity, etc Y

NEST Auto Trader Pricing

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Auto Trader Monthly ChargesRs.999
Auto Trader Yearly ChargesRs.4999
Customised Project/Robo Trader For Your StrategyStarts from Rs.4999 per project
Pivot Based Super Trend with Auto Trading @ 15000 per Year
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