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You can use our NEST Auto Trader to trade from Excel and fire orders directly to your brokers NEST terminal.

  1. But you must must know Excel Formulas/VBA to build
  2. If you are new to Excel VBA, then either you learn Excel VBA first and comeback here or hire VBA professionals to code your trading system
  3. If you use anything apart from amibroker like excel, metatrader, ninjatrader or anything then you can still place automated orders to NEST.
    Through your software that you use, update the code/program that you use such that whenever a buy sell signal is generated then it creates a file with extension .sig in directory C:\automaticBuySell\NestAutoTrader\Signals.
    Filename can be anything.
  4. File contents should be a single line in following format
    STOCKNAME: should match the name in AMIBROKER
    2XQUANTITY: is the double quantity on reverse trade flag. It can have two values 0 or 1. If it is 1, then on reverse trade quantity will be doubled.
    LTP: is the last traded price or open, high, low or close either of them.
    ACTION: should be buy or sell or short or cover or squareoff or squareoffall
    Example: TATASTEEL_0_450.5_BUY
    In above example, we are sending a buy signal for tatasteel whose ltp is 450.5. Double quantity flag is set to 0.
  5. If multiple signal files are generated then oldest one is read first. File extension should be sig. For example, signal1.sig
  6. Excel VBA Code Example That you Can Use to Create Files To Generate Signals for our NEST
  7. Sub PlaceOrder(stockname As String, qsar As String, price As String, action As String)
    Dim myFile As String
    myFile = "C:\automaticBuySell\NestAutoTrader\Signals\" & stockname & ".sig"
    Open myFile For Output As #1
    Dim signal As String
    signal = stockname & "__" & qsar & "__" & price & "__" & action
    Write #1, signal
    Close #1
    End Sub
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