Ninjatrader Auto Trading Robot for Intraday Trading

If you are a ninjatrader intraday trader then you can our intraday auto trader robot to automate your trades. Our robot will place orders to NEST terminal of your broker for the signals generated in your ninjascript. But in the first place, you should have your own intraday strategy in order to use the robo. Next you should know how to code your ninjascript and also know how to make changes in your ninjascript. We do NOT offer free services and so if you ask to make changes then it will be a chargeable service.

Instructions to make your Ninjascript compatible with our trading robo

You have to write the BUY and SELL signals in a specific directory in a specific format for the robo to take action. So please make changes in your ninja script as instructed below:

  1. Whenever a buy sell signal is generated then create a file with extension .sig in directory C:\automaticBuySell\NestAutoTrader\Signals
  2. Filename can be anything but in lowercase, preferable the stockname. However the extension should be .sig
  3. File contents should be a single line in following format: STOCKNAME__TIMEHHMMSS__LTP__ACTION
    STOCKNAME: should match the name in your data feed
    TIMEHHMMSS: In format HHMMSS (hour:min:seconds). It is the candle time on which the signal was generated
    LTP: is the last traded price or open, high, low or close either of them
    ACTION: should be buy or sell or short or cover or squareoff or squareoffall
  4. Robo will read the signal from the file that you create,execute the trade and delete the trade signal file
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